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SwanCare offers two separate categories of services - Home Care and Home Care Plus.

Home Care

Home Care is our core service designed to support the Australian Government’s Home Care Packages Programme.


Costs associated with Home Care services are supported by the Australian Government under the Home Care Packages Programme. Your level of funding support is determined by an assessment through an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) which also determines your eligibility.


We’ll work with you to identify the daily activities that you find the most important and meaningful in the context of your unique personality and circumstance. That way, you’ll receive services to directly support these activities and maximise your available budget.


Once set-up, Home Care offers consistent, long-term care provision that is designed to support you as your needs change in the future. It’s fully flexible and very adaptable.

Home Care Plus

Home Care Plus is our flexible add-on service.

Home Care Plus is the perfect solution for those requiring one-off or periodic care – perhaps you’ve just had an operation or a family member needs respite on a sporadic basis.

Home Care Plus can be used as an add-on service if you reach your maximum budget provided under the Home Care Packages Programme, but would still like further services.

Home Care Plus provides the same broad spectrum of services as our core Home Care service. The main difference is that it’s fee-for-service and independent of the Government-funding program.

If you need last-minute help, Home Care Plus is just a phone call away. There’s no ACAT assessment needed, and very little paperwork.

There are no age restrictions and those in residential care facilities can also take advantage of Home Care Plus to help you get out and about for social engagement and enrichment.


Why SwanCare?

SwanCare is a not-for-profit, leading West Australian organisation that has been caring for seniors since 1961, so you know you’ll be in good hands. The trust and reputation we have earned is reflected in all of our dedicated people and the quality of services that we deliver every day.

Our residents and clients are supported by more than 350 committed SwanCare staff including carers, nurses, allied health professionals, hospitality attendants and tradespeople.

We also deliver services that are great value for money.

SwanCare offers two categories of home care services.

Home Care

A wide range of government funded services that help you stay independent for longer

Home Care Plus

A wide range of personally funded services that help you stay independent for longer.